Now this is a cool adventure gift. $35.00. This is one of the best gifts for adventurers who are passionate about exploring the US. Eagle Creek Dual Wattage International Converter Set This Ear Flap Cap from Patagonia solves that problem. Calling all adventurous and outdoorsy guys – I’m confident that once you read the following list of gifts, you’ll find something that really floats your boat. So, the next time someone asks what you want for your birthday – for Father’s Day – for Christmas, you’ll know exactly how to answer. Yes, the fire is fed via airjets that enhance combustion and create less smoke. Fact: Men aren't the easiest to shop for. There's no better way to have a great time in the wilderness than some good, old-fashioned top-notch bourbon hailing all the way from Kentucky. With travel plans cancelled and our lives slowing down due to the pandemic, more people than ever have turned to the great outdoors to find peace, grounding, balance, and just plain fun. This SPF makes that an easy task. 47 Genius Gifts for Guys This Holiday Season. 55 Awesome Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas. Whether you’re waking up for early-morning jogs or emerging from your tent looking for the loo, you probably want a headlamp. Outdoor Adventurer Gifts for Men Our gifts for guys who love the outdoors and adventure range from personalized sports accessories, including golf balls and fishing pails, to barware and barbecue grilling tools for those outdoor dinner parties he loves to throw. We include tried-and-true essentials for a gear refresh, along with great new tools he never knew he needed. It’s allethrin-powered repellent mat heats up to keep the bugs out of your life, delivering four hours of protection. This will come in handy for spontaneous adventurers. This is basically an essential item for anyone doing anything. Give the H2O a go with exhilarating adventure gifts that feature outings both above and below various bodies of water. But this one raises the bar: It has a Bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android devices so you can control brightness and light color, and you can even check battery power. The Ridge is meant to fit into a front pocket, so this won’t cause back pain, like other wallets can. When you’re on the move, it’s crucial to only bring items that take up minimal space. If your guy is adventurous, chances are he likes to sleep under the stars. Vanessa is an established editor, stylist and shopping expert covering all things style, gear and wellness. Presented by Crown & Caliber The 45 Best Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend. The advanced version can even be used with skateboards and skis. Outdoorsy guys love to live up to their manly style stereotype. And at smaller than the size of a thermos, you can fit this just about anywhere. Instead of risking dropping your phone on the trail, get your photo fill old-school with this rough and tumble digital camera, which can shoot 16 MP photos and 4k video in a waterproof, freeze-proof package. The gift of an attractive knife is about as classic as outdoor-themed gifts get. If you're shopping for a 20-something dude and want to get him something cool and useful, don't overwhelm yourself trying to figure out what! With a book you can plant ideas about things to do, introduce adventure activities, find out about amazing places you can go, even start learning a new skill like a language. The Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker brings you top-quality coffee wherever you go. 0 I HAVE A GIFT CARD. When they don’t want to wear a beanie, their ears are suddenly exposed to the harsh winds this winter will bring. Plop it on a picnic table and a meal turns into a party. You'll get a seriously comfortable sneaker with major traction to grip the trail. This power bank features two USB outputs for powering your tables, smartphones, and any other USB device. Posts tagged gifts for adventurous guys The Best Gifts For Rugged Outdoorsmen in 2020. And you’d prefer one that didn’t die during the two hours you used it. An Adventure Book. Or one that feels like a forehead weight. This list of gifts for outdoor lovers will inspire more time in nature and might even sway the newbies to more committed outdoorsmen. Outdoorsmen are usually the types of guys that have all the handy tools up their sleeve. And that includes a well-groomed, fully-grown beard. This is one of those items you’re going to want to snag for yourself. It’s a compact waist pack that includes multifunctional tools and tricks to save you in any emergency, whether it’s a thorn prick or power outage. Check out our array of thrill-seeking experiences—these gifts are suitable from boys to men. Gifts For Men provides a unique selection of cool gift ideas for men of all ages. Whether he’s a nature novice or a seasoned mountain man, we bring you the best gifts for outdoorsmen at every level and price point. Mosquitoes and their many friends can mess up any evening in the wild, but not with the Thermacell Patio Shield, which creates 15 feet of insect-free territory. Hot gift this season. That is - start thinking about a digital gift! Enter Timberland's Garrison Trail Sneakers.