There were stress fractures so I spent 2 weeks grinding and epoxying them back to orginial. The Interlux Product Guide is the best online resource available for finding the right paint solution for your boat. Re: Pettit Easypoxy vs. Interlux Brightsides Well in case I confused this I see them as the same thing, just making sure. My finish is/was indistinguishable from sprayed Awlgrip. I was skeptical about the roll and tip method, but it covered well and dried incredibly smooth. Even slight breeze will cause the solvents to flash, especially if the temps are higher. Tomorrow I will try the roll and tip using brightside.I will hang it in the air but it will be tricky going all the way around the hull and tipping because of the drying time. So here we go, as you know from the resto thread I started with the floor and ended up replacing the transom. Interlux is a great paint. I once helped a friend build a stitch and glue kayak from CLC. We had a good coat of the Interlux primer on there but we had to keep going over certain areas that just would not cover. Tinned Copper 2AWG Battery Cables. Starting at $41.79. Remove sanding residue with a rag dampened with Brushing Liquid 333. Thinner accelerates this. I had entirely to many holes so I decide to fill them and start with a new transom. Starting at $5.30. you want to stay under 70% At work now cant post much..below are old link's of painting brightside's roll and roll....there back to back taping shown in real time first the rollout then the flattening. Normally I roll and tip but for this I was able to just roll and it leveled out amazingly well. . Nothing matches the shine or durability. Jamestown Distributors is great as well. Create a pro-like finish with this long-lasting, high-gloss topside paint. I would definitely shot for two coats on top of the primer (Prekote). In the article, we show you how to prepare fiberglass surfaces for the application of the Interlux Perfection paint and how to apply both the undercoat and the topside paint in a DIY kind of environment. It is easy to apply and has a self-leveling formula that with the right technique (roll and tip) renders results that approximate the “sprayed-on” … Interlux is a great paint. I applied 4 coats, roll/tip, on my coachroof after removing all hardware including two teak hatches. I should've started a thread using the roll and tip method. But when you tip it with a foam brush, all you are left with is a bit of streakiness, which flows out quite quickly. Jamestown Distributors is great as well. I have seen spraybooth-like finishes done with a simple short roller and a tip. I rolled and tipped using Prekote and then Epifanes topside paint mono-urethane. If I do this again, I'm going to try Alexseal. Starting at $40.47. At Interlux, we recognize the importance of providing high-quality technical support and advice to all our customers. The roll and tip method is … It will take at least 24 hour's for moisture evap. Tom I now understand you techniques and I will try to use it. The whole thing will cost 125.00 including my grommets and rope. The roller is used to apply paint to the surface and the pad or brush is used to create a smooth surface by ‘tipping off’.