Items deemed essential under the new orders include food, personal care and health products, baby and child-care items, outdoor winter clothing and pet supplies. People who live alone will also be allowed to have one designated person in their home as a visitor, and they can also visit that person. Stores in Manitoba are currently prohibited under public health orders from selling items considered non-essential, such as perfume, toys, or books. While not exhaustive, it is an improvement and will be … The Manitoba government is adding teeth to province-wide COVID-19 restrictions, banning gatherings at private residences and limiting retail sales to essential items only. Products related to property maintenance, shovels, brooms, snow blowers, sand and road salt, plants, gardening supplies and yard decorations, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, highlighters, calculators, paper, notebooks, binders, glue sticks, folders, pencil sharpeners, and graph paper, lunch bags, backpacks, laptop bags, toner, ink cartridges, printers, computers and other consumer electronic products, indoor and outdoor holiday decorations, Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias, gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, tags, bows, greeting cards and seasonal religious items such as menorahs and holiday or religious candles, toys, clothing, other items traditionally exchanged as gifts or seasonal sporting equipment such as hockey skates, skis, toboggans or snowshoes, plates, bowls, glassware, flatware (forks, spoons, knives), mugs, bakeware, small appliances such as a coffee pot, toaster, waffle makers, decorative items, linens and towels (bathroom linen, bedroom linen, curtains, cushion covers, placemats, tablecloths, pillows, picture frames, framed art and similar items, couches, mattresses, bed frames, chairs, tables, desks, nightstands, home storage, waste baskets and similar items, calendars, planners, staplers, paperclips, post-it notes, desk organizers, paper shredders, hard drives, USB/flash drives, whiteboards, toner, ink cartridges, printers, copiers, computers, monitors, and other consumer electronic products, computers, tablets, printers, video game consoles, televisions, speakers and smart home devices, radios, audio/video/data power cables and similar items and related accessories, non-commercial paint, sewing machines, fabric, beads, jewellery, yarn, artist's canvas, sketchbooks, art desks and easels, clay and sculpting supplies and thread and similar materials for sewing, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, water coolers, musical instruments, jewellery, flowers, perfume, consumer electronics, sporting equipment, books and toys. The orders are in force until January 8, 2021. No guests allowed in homes, non-essential items off store shelves in new Manitoba health orders. Manitoba government has ordered all non-essential services to close under The Public Health Act as approved by the minister of health, seniors and active living to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of all Manitobans. Non-essential items will be sectioned off from stores so that customers can not purchase them. The orders also refined the list of essential items. We know you want to be there for your family and friends. “The current trend of COVID-19 cases and wide-spread community transmission is unsustainable and causing significant strain on our health-care system,” said Roussin. Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin pleaded with Manitobans to stay home as new public health orders came into effect Friday. "So don't think you can profit in the short term at the expense of putting lives at risk," he said. The list of businesses considered essential under Manitoba’s latest round of ... non-essential retail stores and ... which are allowed to stay open because of the essential items they also sell. "The best thing we can do for our local businesses … to help them get back into business, is to beat COVID down.". WINNIPEG -- Under Manitoba’s Code Red restrictions, stores that are allowed to stay open cannot sell any non-essential items in person. Starting Friday, the businesses considered vital enough to stay open in Manitoba's near-lockdown can only sell in-store what public health deems essential. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. New COVID-19 public health orders will prohibit people from having anyone inside their home who doesn't live there, with few exceptions, and businesses from selling non-essential items in stores. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. Non-essential items refer to any good and products not set out in the orders. Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Previous orders, which came into effect last week, allowed gatherings at private residences of up to five people beyond those who normally live there, although Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin and others pleaded with Manitobans to stay home and only go out for essential items. A list of essential and non-essential items is available on the provincial government's website. If a retail business primarily sells used clothing, footwear or household articles, it may sell non-essential items to in-person shoppers.