I'm sure it happens, but it's not common. @PutHaggarInSF Dude, I haven't even ordered a PS5 yet, but I'm sitting here reading all these posts and getting excited. I got a text that it was delivered at 16:14 but there was nothing in my mailbox. Previous entry PS3 slim & PS5. My box from target had the receipt on the outside. My Pulse headset showed up as delivered before it actually was. The FedEx driver was delivering a package when his truck got stolen as he was heading back to it. At this point, I've been in contact with both Walmart and Fedex support multiple times. Saturday at 11:30 AM. My PS5 FedEx delivery was a guy, in plain ... i don't think its the actual fed ex drivers stealing stuff since its harder for them to do so as they are being tracked. The PS5 was manual scanned and placed on a FedEx truck, and since then there was no attempt made on delivery. Embed Share. A new report has indicated that PS5 theft continues to be an issue in the United Kingdom, with gangs now organizing operations that see them steal the console out of moving delivery trucks in a move similar to those seen in over-the-top heist films. For proof, literally just type in "FedEX Stole PS5" on google, or twitter search bar and look at the recent complaints. "RELATED: Xbox Congratulates Sony on PS5 Launch Day The owner found the note humorous and took no offense to the message. It seems gangs in the United Kingdom are conducting what are called "rollover raids" in an attempt to steal brand new PS5's. When we were unloading trucks, we would just drop packages (laptops, games, phones, etc. ) I was expecting my copy of Demon's Souls to arrive a day later, and guess what I also found? Fedex support says mostly "Please be patient, we know how much you want this delivery. My battle plan is to leave my car on in the front of the house so if my first attempt fails I can chase them. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. For my first stream, I wanted to discuss people's experiences with their PS5 & Xbox Shipments. i know of people who have good jobs and still steal minor crap that no normal person would risk their jobs for. 11/19 Walmart support tries calling Fedex with me on the line. Uncle of mine works in one of those companies which i will not name but they arrested a man who told a friend of his , his route so he could steal some items. The unit was still in its FedEx box and for an entertaining reason. Hey I’m starting to get worried. I'm 39 now. Reddit user u/smash1031 recently shared a photo of his new Xbox Series X on Reddit.. For PlayStation 5 on the PlayStation 5, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Check out this Amazon driver stealing a PS5". Everyone see the video of the Amazon delivery driver clealry stealing the PS5 console? 11/18 At around 9pm there has been no update. Amazon has fired a driver after they allegedly stole a 16-year-old boy's birthday PS5. Driver Accused Of Stealing PS5 Has Been Fired By Amazon. I was lucky enough to pre order via Target. So, when the Amazon employee scanned the package to mark it “delivered” and then put it back in the van, she caught it. FedEx review with 3 Comments: I need help. Guns constantly go "missing" at the FedEx facility in Bloomington, California and the cops and ATF never do anything about it. Let me look into this". Amazon has confirmed that it has fired a delivery driver who was caught on CCTV stealing a PS5, which was bought as a 16th birthday present. 12:53, 27 Nov 2020. I see you posted your message 20 minutes ago, so I hope you're enjoying your PS5 as I type this out. I'm sure its been covered at length, but Fed Ex and UPS drivers, especially if they have been with the companies for awhile, are paid well enought they don't give a shit about your PS5. Either the driver is stealing tools or can't find the right house but it is only tool deliveries that don't show up. Where do you think the phrase, “fell out of the truck” came from? 12:53, 27 Nov 2020. I do not believe that this is happening in some epidemic way. In a statement to Eurogamer, Amazon has acknowledged the issue.. Where to buy PS5… Share Share Tweet Email. Thanks in advance. it was the day of the release so if any crooked fed ex employees were around they might have not known how they were being shipped. Last week Amazon was forced to apologise to customers after many were delivered air fryers, dog food, and toys in place of their £450 PS5 consoles. Zakutsa 1 month ago #17.

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