The vinegar stopped the steamer from leaking but the coffee is still weak. I have had my machine since aprox. I have taken the screen out and cleaned it, as well as run vinegar through it multiple times. Rest easy! The most important part of the product range is the automatic-drip coffee maker. jan 2007, and it has been making very weak espresso for about six months now. A French Press uses a coarser grind than drip coffee. Loved for the unique coffee that it can produce, the French press is one of the most iconic coffee makers in the world. How to solve Krups Weak Coffee problems. Try diagnosing the issue yourself, instead of paying for an expensive service or … Just remember, hotter water = bitter coffee; colder water = weak coffee. Discover the 5 factors that cause your coffee to be weak and how to fix easily them. Having a high-quality fresh coffee to work with will increases your odds of success. And if you’re doing it the old fashioned way, taking the water off the boil for 30-45 seconds is all it takes to bring the temperature down to the magic coffee brewing range. If the grind is too coarse the coffee could taste weak. Avoid instant coffee. When it comes to grinding, a coffee drinker has two choices. Fixing weak French press coffee is simple. Make your morning cup as delicious as possible by avoiding weak and bitter coffee—brew your coffee in a clean coffee maker. Even when you’re sleepily going through every other motion, if you have that coffee cup in your hand, you know everything is going to be ok. Remove front cover2. If the grind is too fine the coffee will taste bitter. If your espresso machine is making coffee that is too strong or too weak, we recommend checking the grinder, flowmeter, filter, seals, and thermal block. I have found a fix that doesn't cost a dime! But before fixing your coffee you must know the reasons why it was weak so that you can fix it more appropriately. While coffee makers may look clean on the outside, a study completed in 2011 by NSF International found coffee reservoirs to be among the top 10 germiest places in the home. Instant coffee only requires hot water and a few stirs to create a cup of coffee, but it can contain additives, preservatives, and low quality coffee beans. One of the recent innovations introduced by the in-house product development team is called “Optimal Brew.” All you need is a "USED" KCup. Though you may be tempted to save some time and energy by going for instant coffee, keep in mind it can often taste too bland or too bitter. If you’re a coffee lover, then you look forward to that moment when you take your first morning sip of deep, dark goodness. EA8000 series but I am pretty sure same solution applies to any other.Steps:1. Follow along. An espresso that’s too weak is usually a sign that the water to coffee grounds ratio is too high. The factor French press coffee tastes weak results from numerous variables such as not making use of enough coffee, not steeping the coffee enough time, water temperature is not hot enough, coffee is ground too crude, the coffee isn’t a dark roast. As the name of the Mr. Coffee brand suggests, it focuses on manufacturing products connected with coffee brewing. #4 Grind Size. I have photos attached in order to make it easier to follow. Nothing can be worse than a weak tasting cup of specialty coffee, and sometimes you cannot get the taste of what you expect from your favourite brew, so you will have to find ways on how to fix weak coffee.. Actually, you can fix your cup of weak coffee in several ways. The ideal ratio is a 1:2, meaning for every 10 grams of ground coffee you should end up with about 20 ml of liquid coffee. Unfortunately the My KCup in my opinion brews a rather weak cup of coffee compared to it's pre-manufactured counterpart. Espresso Machine: Coffee is too Strong or too Weak . I do not think that it comes out as hot as it used to either.