Flowers: 8 - 9 t/ha; concrete recovery: 0.14 - 0.19%. When you make a trip to India, we suggest that you check out some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers found here. They are native to the Northern Himalayas and grow up to 30 meters. Pride of India is cultivated as an ornamental plant and state flower of Maharashtra, also young leaves are consumed as vegetables and used in traditional medicine. Flowers of Udhagamandalam‎ (2 C, 25 F) W. Water lily of Tamil Nadu‎ (1 F) Media in category "Flowers of Tamil Nadu". Spring flowers are not just flowers. colour: purple. These flowers are hardly cultivated and are instead used for display. Flowers tell us about the beauty of nature. There are several organic gardeners these days that grow marigold near their crops so that the mosquitoes can stay miles away from them. Species of the genus Rhododendron are found in the Indian Himalayas and state flower of Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir. The Marigold flowers are native to India and are grown throughout the country, at all times. Chandigarh. Glory Lily or Gloriosa superba is the beautiful species of flowering plant and state flower of Tamil Nadu. The following two tabs change content below. Kopou phul or foxtail orchid is very famous and an exotic blooming orchid also use as an hair-ornament by Assamese women. We’ve pulled together a list of 170+ flower and plant types, along with pictures of each one and details on the best way to plant them. They are native to the eastern region of Himalayas and are grown at an altitude of 200 meters. Most parts of this plant can also be eaten. There are 7 stages of flower mentioned in Tamil as , 1. Copyright © 2011 - 2021 Incnut Digital. Which is your favorite flower? StyleCraze provides content of general nature that is designed for informational purposes only. The flowers are hermaphroditic. There are 29 states and 7 union territories in India and each state has their own state tree, fruit, bird, animals and flowers. When one talks about flowers, one cannot possibly forget rose! Because the country is famous all across the world for its bright and colorful flowers. Jasmines are native of tropical and subtropical regions and introduced in the mid sixteenth century. Telangana. Saraca asoca sometimes incorrectly known as Saraca indica and is the state flower of Odisha. our fresh banana flower , it had its freshness as it plucked from farm and with all freshness and all top quality. This is one of the most magnificent flowers from the orchid family found in India. Jasmine flower considered as a sign of future prosperity, fortune and good luck. Asters, ageratum, balsam, begonia, petunia, pansy, phlox, cosmos, zinnia and perennial flowers like salvia, delphinium, larkspur, and dahlia are the main attraction in this garden. This plant is poisonous and toxic for human and animals, used as a traditional medicine in many countires. These flowers are grown mostly for the production of sunflower oil and are popular for the amazing health benefits they come with. It is also known as the state flower of Uttarakhand. Gul means flower and Mohr means peacock. As evident by our website, flowers for us is not a sideline but our speciality. It can be grown in humid climate with the temperatures going below 50 degrees F. Saussurea obvallata is grown majorly in the Himalayas and Uttar Pradesh. It is made up of 28 states and 8 union territories. Jasmine flowers buds are used for making garland, bouquets, string, veni and jadai for grand hair dressing of women on special occasions. Dahlias look the best when they are grown in gardens and are under the clear glare of the sun. Arumbu (அரும்பு) - Bud (பூ அரும்பும் நிலை) 2. True ashoka tree is an important tree in the traditions of India known for beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers. White jasmine flower, which commonly known as Malli poo. It is observed intrinsically in the month of Thai, i.e. Arunachal Pradesh. The size of the plants are quite big, although the flowers produced are tiny. Type : Annual herb, yellowish green foliage, tiny purple flowers Scientific Name: White plumeria-Frangipani Flowers: Medium, showy, clustered, fragrant, white with yellow throat, 5 petals Nelumbo nucifera is the the national flower of India and state flower of Karnataka and Haryana. Jasmine has a sweet and heady fragrance. They are usually delicate flowers that come in different colors such as white, yellow and pink. Baba Ramdev Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure, 3 Amazing Benefits And 2 Side Effects Of Tartaric Acid, 8 Best Homeopathy Treatments For Psoriasis, 27 Time Tested And Effective Confidence Boosting Tips And Techniques. Indian Jasmine or common Jasmine are state flower of Andhra Pradesh and Red Jasmine is state flower of Goa. All rights reserved. Delonix Regia is famous for its beautiful fern like leaves and flamboyant appearance. There are over 100 species found in this category and there are thousands of cultivators who enjoy growing this crop every year. The White Rain Lily flowers are like a crocus for all those who own water gardens. [ Read: Most Beautiful Flowers In The World ]. India, officially the Republic of India is a country in South Asia. Disorders related to the reproductive system are healed with the help of this flower. Share your views with us in the comments section below! Kachnar or Bauhinia variegata is a common medium sized tree and very popular ornamental tree into gardens and parks of India. If magnificent flowers are what you want to have in your home, then India is the country you should be looking for! Order: Rosales. Uttar Pradesh. Flowers : Inner petal is fuchsia color, Outer petals is white color, large, fragrance, ... Tamil nadu, India . Siroi Lily is the most rare species of plant that found only in Manipur and flowers in the monsoon months of June and July and has medicinal properties. It has a strong and sweet fragrance and looks stunning at all times. The fresh and gorgeous Jasmine flowers are the pride of India. ... "I put the flowers in … You’ll find everything from common favorites like roses and tulips to exotic plants and flowers.. Find the flower names below, along with a brief description, a photo, and some guidance for those of you who are interested in gardening. All Rights Reserved by The plant found in open forest of Bhutan, Indonesia and also most common in North-East, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Come Valentines Day, and the rose flower becomes all pervasive! very good and many types of roses It is good place for rose lovers. They are usually grown in media that is well drained. Sep 10, 2012 - Explore Explura Go.See.Experience's board "TamilNadu, India Flowers", followed by 1320 people on Pinterest. Tecomella undulata tree produces quality timber and flower is state flower of Rajasthan. Jasminum sambac is considered as a native of the East Indies. Its tuberous root is oval in shape and bears dark brown leaves that are 6 to 12 inches in length and 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width. Thousands of flowers are cultivated every year and used most often for special occasions. With 5,640 species of flowering plants, Tamil Nadu ranks first among the States in the country in angiosperm diversity. Tamil Nadu. Known for their sweet fragrance and pure white color, they have been recognized as one of the world’s most precious and exotic flowers. Often they have been used to prepare medicines. The texture is soft and velvet like and the color is vermilion. Usually they are found in the color orange and yellow and have a gorgeous appearance. This includes 533 endemic species, 230 red-listed species, 1,559 species of medicinal plants and 260 species of wild relatives of cultivated plants. One of the popular oleander plant types is the oleander cultivar ‘Hardy Pink.’ It rises to 15 feet (5 m.) tall and expands to 10 feet (3 m.) wide, offering pretty pink blossoms all summer long. If you would like to present someone a bouquet for their birthday, don’t forget to use this flower. Light requirement & care : Sunny , water daily, well drained soils. Often this flower has been used for preparing medicine. The leaves are oblong and rubbery and vines are medium in size. Flowers gift comes first in mind when we are thinking of to send token of love, appreciation or thankfulness. Some of them are also shipped to foreign lands. They are grown and produced for a very long period of time and tend to spread faster in tropical areas. However, they always tend to be large. The roots of this flower need regular watering. How about growing such exotic flowers in your backyard? The petals are soft and are they are almost 10 inches in height. Rhododendron family has 1,024 species of plants, found mainly in highlands of Asia and North India. Hibiscus. The flowers are large in shape and size and have a single stem that could be either erect or even curved. An eminent part of the Magnolia, the leaves are always long and eplilptic. The most interesting thing about hibiscus flowers is that they bloom for only one day. Among the large number of species existing, only three species have attained importance in commercial cultivation. Not only does it stand as a reflection of innocence but also youth and purity. Some popular types of flowers used in Tamil wedding: Jasmine. They are found in Sikkim, Missouri and Uttarakhand too. One of the most prestigious and exotic looking flowers in India is the tiger lily. They vary in shape and size and come in different colors such as red, black, pink, blue, yellow and peach. Here is the list of top 15 most beautiful states flowers of India. Most of the species are native to Asia, especially India while some are found in the north-western regions of Africa. Madonna Lily is the state flower of Madhya Pradesh and One of the oldest garden flowers in the world. When you visit India, you have to catch a glimpse of these amazing flowers. Delay no more and go ahead! Noble Orchid is one of the magnificent flower for home, apartments and greenhouse, popular cultivated as decorative house plant that produces colourful blooms. Rajasthan. Rose has also been regarded as the king of flowers for its versatile nature. Some people also call this tree the flame tree. Saussurea obvallata is native to the Himalayas of India and also found in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, at an altitude of around 4500 m. Other famous flowers in India also include Neelakurinji, Tulip, Hybrid Orchids, Queen of the Night, Frangipani Flowers,Rangoon creeper, Flame vine and bird of paradise flower. Another gorgeous flower native to the cultural and diverse land of India is Ganges Primrose. Buy Fresh Orchid Flowers at market-leading rates from us. This species is native to India and well known for healing disorders of several kinds. We take great pride in helping you connect and express yourself to the important people in your life by providing the finest selection of flowers and arrangements. Out of all, one of the most fragrant and colorful flower you shall ever see is the Fox Brush Orchid. Throughout the subcontinent of India, women of all ages, castes, and professions, perform the traditional art of threshold painting. We are an established Importer, Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Orchid Flowers from Tamil Nadu. Pterospermum … It has 5floors . Cypripedium reginae is one of the rare species of orchid flower in India. Bihar. Common Name: Beauty secret miniature rose 2017 . They are grown as ornamental trees and are found not only in India but in several other parts of the world too. Ascocenda Princess Misaka is a beautiful flower native to India, known for its large purple or pink flowers. Examples are medium fir bark and tree fern fibers. Jungle Germanium has often been regarded as flame of the woods or jungle flame. You will find some vibrant, unique and gorgeous flowers blossoming at all times. Indian lotus is the most beautiful aquatic plant and cultivated for its edible seeds in water gardens. They will not only make your garden look extra pretty but will also add character to it! Rohida species of tree is mainly found in the western parts of Rajasthan but also occurs naturally in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The night flowering jasmine also known as Parijat is the state flower of West Bengal and often related to the Kalpavriksha. Flower supposed to be so delicate as to droop or even perish when smelt; The flower is extinct according to all major sources. Initial season of summer offers the beauty of dry deciduous forests with flame of the forest flower and also the State Flower of Jharkhand. Usually, brides twist together these flowers into wreath to wear in their hair. Sunflower is the most beautiful flower in India and is known for its fiery bloom, large shape and of course, sun like appearance. Find Artificial Flowers manufacturers, Artificial Flowers suppliers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors in Tamil nadu India - List of Artificial Flowers selling companies from Tamil nadu with catalogs, phone numbers, addresses & prices for Artificial Flowers. The parts of this plant are used for preparing drugs in order to take care of diseases such as eye diseases, fever, epilepsy, liver disorder, gout and anti-fertility activity. 99 Tamil flowers - photos + scientific names ... flowers of india, flowers of kurunji, flowers of nilgris, flowers of tamilnadu, Garcinia xanthochymus, Gloriosa superba, Gossypium herbaceum, Hiptage madablota, ... but now somehow something has gone wrong and the font is some new type of tamil and I am totally at a lost and unable to read this. Lucille Hutchings,’ one of the larger oleander varieties. Why do you love this particular flower? There are several varieties in this category and each of them bloom in full glory! Many also like to grow this as house-plants. In fact, some of the major tourists attractions in India are known because of their amazing gardens, filled with unique flowers. 23 Photographs That Prove Beauty Is Everywhere, 9 Timeless Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day On A Budget, Castor Oil For Eyebrows And Eyelashes: Everything You Need To Know, How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Ringworms, 12 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products To Keep Your Skin Smooth, 41 Triangle Tattoos For Women That Are Super Inspiring, 40 Beautiful Semicolon Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings, Top 21 Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs With Their Interpretations. Pongal is one of the most popular Hindu harvest festivals in Tamilnadu, the southern part of India. Are you a flower lover? It is everywhere that day as a red rose symbolizes love and passion. Overview. Most of them are grown in baskets, net pots and teak containers. Isn’t that amazing? They are found during the summer months most of the time and have a lovely appearance. Dahlias are gorgeous looking flowers that are grown throughout India. Kopou Phul – Assam. Kachnar buds and flowers are also used for pickle and recipes in many parts of the Indian sub-continent. Tagetes erecta or African marigold in the most common house plant in India, cultivating it for medicinal and decorative purposes. Send your Love and Warmth with Flower Bouquet Delivery Tamil Nadu India Online gift delivery shop has made a beautiful bridge to connect and communicate with love one worldwide. These gorgeous flowers are often associated with the tropics because of their lush, full … average length : 50-60 cms/piece. Your email address will not be published. Rhododendron ponticum is a species of Rhododendron and is the state flower of Jammu and Kashmir, state flower of Himachal Pradesh and also is the state tree of Uttarakhand. Fail-Proof Tricks For Keeping Your Newly-Painted Nails From Smudging! Family: Rosaceae. They are often found in gardens since they grow in bushes. They are known as tuberous rooted tender perennials and are planted during the spring months. Ranawara is most suitable and very common for landscaping roadways and home gardens in India. See more ideas about flowers, amazing flowers, plants. This is a unique feature you will find in daylilies. One of the most beautiful and exotic flowers found in India is Frangipanis. It is grown at an altitude of 4500 meters up in the north. Roses fall under the family of Rosaceae. Even though they are delicate to look at, you would be surprised to know that by nature they are quite tough. Steady temperatures are great for these kinds of flowers. They are used all over the southern region to make pretty looking garlands. we take great care in packing of banana flower as to retain its freshness & nutritious value inside.. free from pesticides and free from worms and other defects.. They are adaptable to different conditions of light and soil and can be grown throughout the year. They have a very strong scent, which usually helps in keeping the bugs away. If you are a flower lover, looking to add some beauty to your garden, try these beautiful flowers of india. U. One of the most popular flowering bushes all over India is the Hibiscus. This plant has been used for medicinal purpose in Ayurveda. The name tiger has been given to the flower because of the appearance of spots on its soft petals. They can be grown at home, although it is best to keep them in a basket rather than a pot. Frangipanis do not contain any nectar and lure moths for pollination mostly at night with the help of their luring fragrance. The flame of the forest tree found in parts of the Indian Subcontinent and the flower is associated with the folk tradition in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh. Sunflowers are an ideal choice for most farmers since they have wide adaptability, high yield potential and higher rates or profit. January/February which falls near to the notable Hindu festival- Lohri each year. They are perennial in nature and can be grown up to around 3 inches. The flowers look spectacular and have often been called Gulmohur.